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Why exhibit?

Exhibiting at OCEAN 16 provides you an opportunity to network with the industry-leading scientists, technologists, engineers and government agencies. Participating in our exhibition will offer your brand a chance to promote products and services in front of a large audience and top innovators and decision makers. You will be a part of the most critical marine event and experience many benefits. Here are a couple of reasons why you should participate in OCEANS 16.

Create new relationships

If you are in this industry for a long time, then you know the importance of new connections and relationships. You will have a chance to close the supply chain and work with government, scientific, military and commercial customers and agencies. You will be a participant of one of the most exhibition floors in marine life, and the customers are waiting to be introduced to your company.

Expand into new markets

We all understand how challenging is to get customers nowadays. The competition on the market is increasing, which provides less and fewer opportunities to new business owners. Even established companies are struggling to bring new customers and sell their products and services. If you decide to come at OCEANS 16, then you will be expanding to new markets, and we aren’t only talking internationally, but you will be tapping into government recourses as well.

Increase the profit of your company

With the rise of customers, you can expect the significant increase in profit. But to get more clients, you need to build your brand. Our OCEANS 16 conference is a perfect opportunity to reach potential customers and make your reputation. Considering that a lot of prestigious names participate in our convention, this is an ideal opportunity to meet potential investors.

Align your brand with marine science

Science, technology and engineering sectors will be three most essential branches to align your brand with. Make sure to research everything and to find compatible business partners that will help you establish a reputable company in the market.

Network with fellow industry leaders

The best thing you can do for your company is to be in touch with industry leaders. At OCEANS 16 we gather some of the most prominent marine companies in the world. This is your opportunity to build connections with successful business partners and promote your products and services globally.

Attend technical programs

OCEANS 16 doesn’t only feature exhibition program; we also organize various tutorials, seminars, and conferences. These programs will help you learn what’s next in marine science, technology, and engineering.

If you decide to become an OCEANS 16 patron, you will automatically gain space and exposure for your brand. But, for more information visit our patron section. 

If you want to exhibit at OCEANS 16, please contact our management team. You will be introduced with terms and conditions, which are displayed on our website. The exhibition lasts for three days, and if you want to participate, fill out a contact form. We are looking forward to seeing you at the expo.

You don’t have to participate in the conference to be able to exhibit your products and services. Different rules apply to different sections of OCEANS 16. Make sure to read all of the instructions. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us.